WebAssembly and Elm

I have not found the right category for this here, but the following bothers me:
What about WebAsm?
Somewhere in the docs and on this site
you are constantly referred to Web Assembly,
often with regard to compatibility.
I am asking me:

  1. What are the plans?
  2. What can change, what has to stay, if Elm is ever compiled to Web Assembly?

Have you searched for WebAssembly on discourse? This has been discussed a lot.

Quick and short answer:

  1. No plans for now
  2. good question. From what I know the language is currently designed in such a way, that hopefully nothing needs to change once we can compile to WebAssembly.

For further reading, check out @Brian_Carroll’s work writing a compiler for WebAssembly:

Thanks for the mention! Totally agree with everything you said.

  1. My project is just an exploration at the moment. I don’t think there are any official plans.
  2. From the Elm developer’s perspective, nothing should need to change. I imagine it would end up as a new command line option to elm make. My compiler generates both Wasm and JS for now. It must do that until Wasm matures a bit more (gets web APIs).

I’ve made good progress since the post you linked. Just need to find some time to put together another post, demo, whatever.


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