Wedding Static Micro-Website

I am a bit embarrassed about the code quality, but it was a quick and dirty job. I figure I may get good feedback on improvements and/or it may be useful to others for their nuptials…




You shouldn’t feel embarrassed, It’s everything fine and organized.
I have a few nitpicks, but they may be only personal preferences, and you may disagree.

So, in my opinion:

  • Avoid exposing all (..) in a module
  • Avoid importing all in a module - e.g. Data module
  • Main init doesn’t seem to be heavy, so I wouldn’t use unit parameter there.
  • I avoid using the magic record constructor function outside decoders. Instead, I prefer to be explicit about the record fields.
  • Also, I like to add type signatures to almost all of my let-in definitions
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Thanks very much for that feedback! I also feel like function application/composition operators could also clean things up a lot, and there are other improvements needed I listed in the README file

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What a lovely project! I really like the visual design. It looks very tasteful and refined. :slight_smile:

The timetable looks perhaps a bit misaligned on mobile, but that might just be me.

Great stuff!

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Worth noting - most of these can be auto fixed by elm-review.

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