Where do you put your fuzzers?


If you use fuzzing a lot, where do you put your fuzzers ? I can see a few options

  1. tests/SomeModuleTest.elm, seems logical but then it is not entirely clear how to reuse it in some other test. import SomeDataTest exposing (fuzzSomeData) perhaps ?
  2. tests/Fuzzers/SomeDataFuzzer.elm, to cleanly separate the fuzzers from the tests that use them ?
  3. src/SomeData.elm. Makes sense to bring a generator next to its source file, but adds a dependency to elm-explorations/test to the production build, which sounds bad.

I am incorporating some fuzzing in my test suites at the moment and I am wondering what the general usage is, if any…

Go with 1 or 2 – it doesn’t really matter. I don’t think there’s any general usage here – go with whatever makes the most sense to you.

If I only need the fuzzer in one test-file, then I put it there (1).

If I need it in several test-files, then I’ll move it to e.g. tests/TestUtil.elm which includes all utility-functions needed in test-tiles. And if I get a lot of fuzzers there then I can split them to dedicated fuzzers-file/files (2).

If you make sure that you don’t actually use the fuzzer in production code, then elms dead code elimination will completely eliminate this dependency for you.

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