Widgets in Elm, Which path should I follow?

Hi There! A bit a background first. Some months ago I started an SPA side project in Elm (style-elements first, elm-css later). The project required a large set of widgets or custom controls. Moreover, those widgets must follow ARIA guidelines.

Because I was repeating myself a lot I built a package for these widgets. It is not fully documented and it only implements 4 of the 26 ARIA widgets. Is a unique widget library right now because:

  • Forces you to follow ARIA guidelines.
  • Only provides raw widgets (html, behavior if you want) not styles.
  • Customizable, you can configure every attribute on every element.

Here is an example of how it feels. You can focus a widget and start typing the name of an option, for example.

In the end I am happy with the result. Now, in my daily work we are thinking about using a library like this. The only difference is that we are using our own css, but seems feasible to provide views for elm-lang/html (even for style-elements if I need it again). But now I am starting to ask myself if my work would be useful at all. Firstly, I read a lot conversations that recommend simplifying this kind of controls (which, I cannot do without dropping ARIA support). Secondly, it seems that web components suit perfectly this task, but I feel sad about dropping elm.

What do you think? Which path should I follow? Thanks!

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