280 handpicked colors in 14 palettes for Elm UI, elm/html and others

Hi, I really like the flat ui colors and to learn more about packages in Elm i made a library exposing all the colors. Tried to expose an API which is easy to use with Elm-UI, elm/html and others. Also put effort into into the docs, with previews of the colors, copy+paste from the docs if you don’t want the dependency etc.


Unsure if I should bother publish this? Not that difficult to copy the colors from https://flatuicolors.com/ tbh :man_shrugging:


Please do publish this. I love being able to use editor integration for autocompleting and selecting colors.

Since 0.19 we also don’t have to worry much about asset size. All unused colors aren’t included in the final .js file.

I would absolutely use this.


agreed! Please publish!

Yeah, +1 here! If it’s allowed by their license, please publish these! I love having easy-to-drop-in styling options :smiley:

They did not have any license details on their website, but I reached out to the author via mail and got consent to publish the package.


:tada: https://package.elm-lang.org/packages/smucode/elm-flat-colors/latest/


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