A blog using Elm?


I’m rewriting my personal website (www.luftyoav.com, although it still has the old ugly version), and one thing that I would like to is to self host my blog. I had a blog on wordpress once, after which I moved to medium, but I really dislike the idea that Medium kinda own my writing so I would like to host it myself. I am not an avid writer or get a lot of traffic so I don’t feel like I need any fancy services, although I do like putting code examples.

So, I have two questions:

  1. How do you host your blogs, and what are your reflection on that?
  2. Do you serve them through an Elm website or embedded them in some way into such? How?
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I used elm-pages and host on netlify, which is very easy to set up. elm-pages does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you have got it, its a joy to work with.


I am hosting my blog https://irreactive.com on netfliy with elm-pages as well.
The source code is public, but I haven’t updated to the newest elm-pages yet and would recommend starting from the elm-pages starter repo.

With elm-pages my website is 100% elm, not really another framework. It does server side rendering which is great for blogs.

Netlify is fine. I could even manage email form submissions over it for free in my usage amounts. I prefer it vastly over Digital Ocean, which I used before, because I have to do way less DevOps myself.


If you are looking to do things for free, another option is GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages/GitLab CI and GitLab Pages, which can work well for a lot of stuff. It is pretty easy to set up actions/ci for elm-pages or something similar.

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Medium does not own your writing at all, only you do. However, Medium can delete or inactivate content that violates their rules.

I’m using Elmstatic (shameless plug :)) for korban.net. It’s hosted on Netlify (which is free). It was easy to set up, and it’s push-to-deploy, which is convenient. Another option is to use GitHub Pages (also free).

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