A new library for incremental adoption of Elm in ReactJS

Recently I’ve been trying to make a case for Elm at work, and wanted to remove as many obstacles to trying it out in our React code base as possible. Evan’s library for this is great, but I felt that the requirement to explicitly setup ports on the React side was going to be a deal breaker for us. Enter @elm-react/component! It automatically converts your props to the appropriate Elm ports, with error messages that will hopefully be consistent with the quality Elm has led us to expect. I wanted to share it in case it would help anyone else make the case for Elm where they work.

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thanks for posting – looks useful.

I have a blog post about using elm in react, I’ll add a mention to this

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@ceddlyburge perhaps you can add a link to your post here for future reference.

Good point, here it is

@Parasrah, I’ve added a link to your repo, let me know what you think.

Cheers, Cedd

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Awesome thanks @ceddlyburge! I think it’s great you wrote about this topic so long ago, I’ve heard a lot of misconceptions that Elm can’t be adopted incrementally so anything paving the way for companies to try it out is great! I appreciate you adding a mention to my library as well

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