Add onClick event to Svg Icon

Hi, I’m using icons from

But, can’t figure out how to add onClick events to the icon.

Appreciate any pointers.


One way appears to be to wrap it in a

span [ onClick (EditDevice ] [ edit Color.darkGrey 30 ]

Is this the best way to do something like this?

I’d recommend wrapping your icon in a <button type="button"> element, and adding your onClick to that. Then you get some nice accessibility wins as well:

  • It is focusable by pressing Tab.
  • When focused, it can be activated by pressing Space or Enter.
  • Screen readers will announce the element as a button.
  • Browser extensions such as Vimium can find it.

You might need to remove some styling from the <button> element to get your desired look.

Also consider adding a title="..." or aria-title="..." if the button contains only an icon, to help screen reader users understand what it’s for.


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