Announcing Elm Radio - a new podcast exploring Elm tools and techniques

Hello everyone!

@jfmengels and I are ready to share something we’ve been working on with all of you! We’re officially announcing Elm Radio :tada:

We’ve published 3 episodes to kick things off, which you can listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or subscribe with your favorite podcast app.

The format of Elm Radio is based around a topic (either a tool or a technique) for each episode. The first 3 episodes are

  1. Getting Started with elm-pages
  2. Intro to Opaque Types
  3. Getting Started with elm-review

And we have a lot more topics we’re excited to dive into, so stay tuned!


Jeroen and I both eagerly consume all the Elm content we can get our hands on, so we wanted to do our part to get some more out there. We really look forward to episodes of Elm Town and Implementing Elm, and we see those formats as serving valuable, complementary purposes.

Elm Radio won’t be focused on spotlighting community members, but rather will go through topics. I know that when I am new to a subject, I really love finding a podcast feed that goes through the essential topics. Sometimes I find myself listening to each episode to get a lay of the land, and sometimes I will just go through and pick the episodes on a specific topic I’m focused on learning.


Especially with the isolation we’re all experiencing this year, and the conference cancellations/postponements, we hope that this podcast can give you the experience of sitting in on some conversations that go deep in the weeds on some topics and hopefully uncover some interesting concepts and techniques that you can explore more thoroughly, or give you a new way to look at something.


We would love to hear what you think! Let us know your thoughts. And you can share your question or idea for a topic at (just click the big Submit Your Question button). Or feel free to tweet feedback and questions/suggestions at @elmlangradio on Twitter.

We hope you enjoy!


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