Implementing Elm podcast episodes are LIVE!

Okay so I have not done the best job of sharing these as they have been coming out, buuuuut Season One of the Implementing Elm podcast is LIVE! :slight_smile:

If you have taken a listen go for it! I would love to get your feedback / where I should go next.

PS - If you have listened and like it a review on your podcast player of choice would be much appreciated, but no pressure. I just like doing these episodes to help the community.


Thank you @wking-io for making this podcast, it was really nice to listen to. I also really liked the after show episodes. Thanks to all of the guests as well!

I couldn’t tell whether this season ended. Are there episodes in this season remaining to be recorded or published, or will you start a new season with a different topic?

Hey Will!

Thanks so much for this awesome podcast, I enjoyed every episode!

I’d love to hear more on the non technical stuff: maybe one episode about how others organize their meetups, what has worked what hasn’t. Another episode could be about elm conferences. Another one about the elm community online (forums, slack, aso). You get the idea.

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Awesome, thank you for the great content!
Would love to see more episodes on popular libraries like elm-ui.

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