Announcing elm-review

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to announce elm-review. If have written an announcement post here:

If you happen to try it out, let me know, I would love your feedback!


Besides making a wonderful contribution to this community’s tools, I think your write up was very clear and complete! Thanks for putting time into all of this!


I noticed you’ve also released a package called elm-lint. Is elm-review a replacement for that?

Yes, exactly. elm-lint is the old name for elm-review. If you see elm-lint somewhere, you can think of it being an depecated version of elm-review.

What I recommend then is changing the readme and package description for elm-lint to indicate that it’s deprecated and to use elm-review instead.


Very cool, super interesting approach.

Major props for taking a stance on no built in rules. I agree with your reasoning and it is a pet peeve of mine with linters. IMO no tool should take the place of the compiler on dictating what users can do with the language by default.

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Done, thank you for the suggestion!


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