Announcing the two accepted gsoc projects

We’re delighted to inform everyone that we were able to accept two students to this year’s google summer of code hosted by elm-tooling.

Please welcome Emma who is going to work on improved performance for elm-format and Jinyi who will focus on getting the remaining markdown spec tests passing for a complete, pure-Elm markdown parser in dillonkearns/elm-markdown.

We will try to share updates as regularly as possible.


That’s great! Both worthwhile projects, and personally I’m quite keen to see elm-markdown become more complete.


Hey y’all :wave:
Huge thanks to @razze and others for organising elm-toolings participation as a host organisation in GSOC. elm-format is a very important tool to the Elm community to say the least, and I’m super excited for the opportunity to work on it. :sparkles:


Yeah, I’m excited to have @emmabastas contributing a significant improvement to elm-format!

And big thanks to @razze for organizing this, finding mentors, and doing the organizational work. And also thanks to all the other students who applied and the other folks who volunteered to mentor if needed. From what I’ve been able to gather, the fact that Google gave elm-tooling two slots as a small, first-time organization in the program is a testament to the professionalism and enthusiasm of everyone involved!


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