Google Summer of Code 2021

Hey everybody,

google summer of code (GSOC) 2021 is comming up, they changed the format a bit, to smaller projects, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

What is GSOC?
Basically students pitch projects to open source orgas that take part and if they get choosen they can work on that over the summer and get paid by google.

Here’s what I’m proposing:
I would like to take part in gsoc this year under the umbrella of elm-tooling and focus on stuff outside of the compiler. Evan made it very clear, that he thinks it’s to much work for him with too little return. That’s fine, but I think we can still do it for other parts of the eco system.

What do we need?
I need help, both organizing it and mentoring it.
Organization can be as simple as keeping everybody in the loop or handling some paperwork.
Mentoring basically means to talk with a (your) student on a regular basis. It depends on the student, but usually it’s a few minutes a day and maybe three hours a week.
If your interested, please let me know either here or in slack (maybe we should get a channel there)

We also need projects:
We need to generate some ideas, what we could have a student work on (they can still pitch whatever they want, but just a few do). So I’ve created a git repo with a template, please feel free to add some projects you like to see or even just add an issue to discuss it.

If there are any questions left, feel free to reach out.


I’m not great at organizing things nor with paperwork, but I would definitely be interested in having someone work on elm-review.

I’ll try and come up with ideas. Do you know whether we should ideally come up with a single large task for the ten weeks or if multiple smaller projects is fine? :thinking:

Also, for elm-review to be a part of this, would it need to be moved to under elm-tooling or is GSOC not that regarding?

Multiple should be fine, as long as they have a common direction (common headline). I think you will struggle a bit more in finding a student for that, but I might be wrong. One thing gsoc is strict on, is that it should be features, not cleanup behind you or bugfix for you :slight_smile:

No, GSOC doesn’t care afaik. Just say elm-tooling is the umbrella organization in this case. One thing google expects, is that whatever get’s worked on is available somewhere when it’s done, it doesn’t even have to be git (but I would recommend git)

While reading this Elm | Voters | I’ve seen it was mentioned that if Elm had C-bindings it would be easier to integrate with prybar (making it available on I don’t know if having C-bindings would also enable other things to happen. I don’t know if this is feaseable or interesting but thought it would be useful to add to the pile of ideas here.

I think doing that in a sane way, would need a repl api / c-bindings. Those would both be compiler changes, which are not a part of this proposal (see above “Here’s what I’m proposing:”).

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Hi, I just saw the project ideas on github. Does each project have an explanation of the level of difficulty?

No, not yet but it’s usually what we do. I just forgot about that when I created the template I think. Good catch.

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I also think doing elm packages that the community is missing would be a possible project. As long as the scope is roughly a month of work. It’s a bit surprising given the org name, so I wanted to mention it.

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