Any known issue with ELM forum and Brave?

I’m facing some issue while opening Elm forum in my Brave Browser.
I only have a Dark reader extention installed in it.
What happens is while clicking on thius link for isntance :

nothing shows, link open a new page, empty, and nothing shows.
(I’ve checked using FF. and the page displays corretly with its content in)
I’ve also disabled Brave “shield for this site”, still does’nt work

…any clues on how to fix this coz I have made Brave my Prime browser on this Mint O.S.?
Version 1.61.109 Chromium: 120.0.6099.144

I don’t know for your specific setup but reading Elm discourse with Brave on Android 14 works great for me…

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Merci @Laurent weird things…maybe some trouble with this Browser needing an update. !!!
Thanks anyway for your time

I don’t think it’s just a Brave issue. I have the same problem with Chrome on PC. As soon as I disable Dark Reader it works fine.

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