Azimutt v2: Elm powering awesome database diagrams

Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since I didn’t posted here…

Today we are launching a huge improvements: projects can now be uploaded and share with other people. This is a big step for us and having some feedback from a very supportive community like you would help make it great!

After more than on year building a big app in Elm, still very grateful to have tried this language to build Azimutt. So I spend nearly no time on bugs :smiley:

I’m thinking of ways to contribute back to the community, if you have some ideas feel free to shoot out. For now I’m spreading the world with tweets and talks :wink: (next one will be at ^^). And of course the project is fully open source: GitHub - azimuttapp/azimutt: Next-Gen ERD: explore, analyze, document and design your SQL database schema.. Feel free to take some inspiration or send code reviews or PRs, I’m still learning a lot!

Have an awesome day and see you soon!


If you, or anyone, are giving a talk or are writing blog post and I’m not sharing them in Elm Weekly, I’d very much appreciate you letting me know! It’s hard to keep up with a community spread all across the world :smile:


Indeed when I will do Elm related things I will let you know :wink:

The Meetup Elm Paris urgently needs a new organizer before closing in less than 4 days: Step up as Organizer
I wish I could be this person but my 2 years old doesn’t agree (barely slept last night)…
@loicknuchel Could you be this person or do you know someone who could?

Crossing fingers :crossed_fingers:

I would love to but I can’t take long term recurring commitments (I already organize HumanTalks Paris and with my job, Azimutt and my baby, I’m quite full ^^).

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