Working on "Elm 2022, a year in review"

Hi, I am working on the 2022 edition of the “Elm, a year in review” post.

If you made something in 2022 related to Elm (a tool, a presentation, a post, anything!), or you know an interesting project, I would appreciate it if you have a look at the draft version and make sure that it is listed there.

If it is not listed, or if you would like to suggest any editing, please open an issue, a pull request, or send me a message.

Draft: Main2022
Repo: GitHub - lucamug/elm-a-year-in-review
For reference, this is the version of 2021: Elm 2021, a year in review - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Thank you!


This is a really valuable contribution, both to the existing Elm community and for prospective new users of Elm. The reply to the perennial “Is Elm Dead?” posts should be simply a link to the most recent version of this document!


This is amazing!

I’ve been running my business on Elm for years, but can’t showcase what we have done because they are internal projects for customers.

Companies in the same position as mine are also part of the strength of Elm in the community, and I think it would be good to represent them in some way in the “Year in Review”.


I just put in a PR to remove dead links from elm-companies github repo, so that has an accurate list of most elm commercial users.

  • link to this blog post in the “Welcome” message for this forum.

I’ve stumbled across three pretty significant Elm projects that are not generally known or talked about. Would be good to have better data.

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I continued to work on Mammudeck in 2022 (started in 2019). Mammudeck is a TweetDeck-like, multi-column user interface for the Mastodon client API. It works on desktop or mobile. I use it every day for multiple Fediverse sites. Next projects: editing posts in Rebased, quoted posts in Rebased, global persistence with DynamoDB (currently, persistence uses LocalStorage, so is only for one browser).

Open source: GitHub - billstclair/mammudeck: A Tweetdeck-like interface to the Mastodon social media platform

billstclair/elm-dynamodb does a small subset of the Amazon DynamoDB API: elm-dynamodb 2.3.0


In my brief exposure to dynamodb, I remember hearing that it gets very expensive to use compared to other options.

Which is why Mammudeck will use each user’s DynamoDB account. I’m not going into the content storage business. The tiny amount of data that Mammudeck needs is so small that it will be pennies per month for a single user, or less.

I updated it based on feedbacks and added a list of companies that use Elm at the bottom:


How did you determine which companies are using Elm? I think it would be a good idea to note in the year in review post what the source of the data is.

Mainly from GitHub - jah2488/elm-companies: 🌲 A list of companies using Elm in production. and Yes, good idea, I will add a note.


It’s not 1.0 yet, so maybe we should wait until 2023– but I started sharing Elm Land back in August:

There are two blog posts there, one from October and another in December:

1 Like , tho released on January 1, 2023 was first announced on the last elm remote meetup and the alpha repository was getting tested last year’s second semester! :slight_smile:


oh! and we also use Elm heavily at


Maybe you can add significant new versions of heavily used/downloaded libraries. That is usually what gets me personally most excited.

That would be good, but I don’t know how to get this data

I’ll build it up and post it here.

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That would be great! Are you planning to make something automatic, or manual?

I will work on manual and consider automating next year

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