Building 0.19 from source, redux

Just a quick follow-up to Building 0.19 from source?, since I missed the ten-day window to reply in-line:

You might have a look at the nix expression for elm. It declares all the proper versions of ghc, the various Haskell libs, etc. needed for a successful build.

If you’re interested in building ancillary elm tools with nix as well, see Elm tooling for Nix and NixOS users.


Oh, and tagging @Joey_Eremondi so he’ll see this. :slight_smile:

Related to that I’m currently working (waiting for merge) on integration of elm tooling directly yo nixpkgs. I would like to continue improving the state of elm with nix further. I have some PRs to elm2nix opened at the moment as well incrising the support of elm features and in the future I would also like the make nixpkgs compiler easily configurable so anyone who needs or wants can specify compiler version with certain patches applied. I think it might be reasonable middlegroud between not forcing the upstream to merge every patch and providing hotfixes.

You can do that pretty easily with overrideAttrs already—what other additions are needed?

All I thought about is a bit of sugar which will make it a tiny bit simpler for newcomers. We’ll see I haven’t tryied anything still. Probably something like elmWithPatches....

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