Chatbot and data processing in elm

Hello everyone!
I was thinking of making a chatbot, which contains text data as answers to the users’ requests. the idea is that when you open a website a chatbot should pop up, and you enter your question there and then the bot decides which answer suits them best from an already defined set of answers.
1- How to define the list of answers in elm?
2- What will be a good comparing method to find the best answer for the questions? Simply, how the bot can decide to return a good answer?

Example: the user enters: what is your refund policy?
the bot looks for the words, for example, refund and then shows the user the answer, which is already defined.

Is this possible? How?

Thank You.

This doesn’t really seem like an Elm problem.

It sounds like you need a language processing service of some kind that you could send queries to from elm and then get back the responses in order to display options to the user. There are many options for that but that’s probably beyond the scope of elm. That said, maybe someone has worked with something in the past and can make a recommendation. Then again, no one has replied in 7 days so maybe not.

While perhaps you could do natural language processing in Elm (maybe?) I don’t know why you would. I’m sure there are much better applications for it.

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