Chrome/Firefox plugin implemented with Elm

Since Zoom can’t stream easily to Facebook anymore due to API changes I built a plugin that automates retrieval of stream key and streaming URL from Facebook in order to setup the stream on Zoom.

However, I was not aware that this easily results in bans on Facebook, apparently they are good in detecting automations.

Anyhow, the code can still be a good starting point for Elm developers wanting to implement a Chrome/Firefox plugin that automates clicking and retrieving of data from websites.

There’s a state machine that handles all the different actions performed on websites:

  1. Click on an element with a certain selector
  2. Click on an element with a certain text
  3. Click on an element inside another element
  4. Retrieve text from an element
  5. Store a retrieved value
  6. Erase a stored value
  7. Wait for an element to appear
  8. Wait for a certain URL (pattern)
  9. Fill text into an element
  10. Fill text into a contenteditable element
  11. Focus an element
  12. Conditionally skip actions (goto in state machine)

The plugin is prepared to operate on different language versions of a website.

If interested, please have a look here:


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