State-of-elm 2023

The state-of-elm 2023 is here!

This time the survey will be open for a month rather than 20 days like last time. I’d really appreciate if you filled it out and also shared it on other platforms and with friends who use Elm. Hopefully we can get more responses from Elm programmers who aren’t active within the community.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave feedback (and thanks in advance to the people who inevitably find more mistakes after this announcement).


I found a bug in the survey for me in Edge, Opera and Vivaldi latest (have not tested any other browsers).

When I click a question heading the page goes into an infinite loop. Effectively halting my browser :sweat_smile: .

A log is sent to the console with some frequency:

Throttling navigation to prevent the browser from hanging. See 1038223 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail. Command line switch --disable-ipc-flooding-protection can be used to bypass the protection

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Thanks for doing this! Some feedback, for the question “Do you use Elm at work”?, I’d have answered if I could “No, it’s not applicable” but the other responses do not fit so I didn’t answer anything.

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When I click a question heading the page goes into an infinite loop. Effectively halting my browser :sweat_smile: .

I’ve also encountered this on Chrome.

The issue with navigation going into a loop and crashing the page/browser should be fixed now.

Also, for those people who said they were unable to submit their survey, please try again*. It should work now though please let me know if it does or doesn’t (DM me here or Martin Stewart on Slack)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

*You’ll need to reload the page first but your changes are saved so that’s fine

Edit: Actually since the submit broke, autosave also probably broke. You probably want to copy your long freetext responses to somewhere save before refreshing.


Can we add exercism to the list of learning resources?


Sorry I didn’t think to add it this year (a bit late now) but I’ll make a note to include it in next years survey!

I could’nt unfortunately attach my JSON files as they are not available on this computer where I was answering and the query cannot be interrupted and saved to be completed later. Alternatively, the missing files could be mailed to somebody.

Hey, you’re right that there isn’t support for resuming the survey on a different device. Your answers do get autosaved to the backend so you don’t lose them if you refresh, so what you can do is copy paste your sid cookie to the second computer and refresh the page. The backend will send the autosaved answers to the second computer then. Of course, if your first computer is a phone this might be a bit tricky do and not worth the effort.

Anyway, sorry about that limitation. Maybe next year it will be fixed!

Another suggestion: My Elm repository is open source, so it would have been nice if I could enter the github link to the elm json file

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It’s an interesting method, copy pasting of the cookies. I fear, I can’t do it right.

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