Create Elm App is giving errors

Please I need help, I am trying to run install ation for Create Elm app…

npm install create-elm-app -g. is giving me errors at the end.

Welcome @Victory_Okhormhe! Not too familiar with using NPM on Windows, could it be a permission problem with using the -g flag?

From the error i got, the installation failed at elmi-to-json@1.3.0 install script

elmi-to-json@1.3.0 install

This might be a stupid question (I apologize in advance);
Have you retried this action since you posted?

Based on the background in your screenshot, it might look like you lost your internet connection…? I’m referring to the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” and the “No intern…” text to the bottom-left of your CMD-prompt. This could be the root-cause of “no such file or directory” in the log.

No It was after the installation failed, I disconnected my internet, I was trying to screenshot so when I accidentally reloaded my browser, it showed the No Internet page.

There should details of what the error was earlier in the log, could you post that log file it lists as the bottom (the 2020-03-13T21_42_48_093Z-debug.log file)?

Also, what version of node is the machine running?

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