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There has been a lot of discussion recently around funding models for Elm. Personally, I think that crowdfunding should form part of the solution, I think it’s a great fit for creating a “homegrown programming language”. I just noticed that GitHub are offering organisation level sponsorship where they cover the payment-processing fees so that all the donation goes to the organisation, which sounds ideal. I’m sure that accepting donations is not a simple as just taking peoples money, no doubt there’s all sorts of accounting and legal considerations. Is there a reason not to take this route?

Personally, I’d like to contribute something as Elm has had a very positive effect on my career, I’m sure lots of people are in a similar position.


I second this. I think it would be a good way to support elm and elm developers, maybe just as a little plus or more.

I think this deserves attention and open thoughts. Some People might be interested to be supported for their (our) elm projects, where they spend time and effort to make elm yet better as it already is. Yes, money is a difficult topic. Therefore I think the community itself could develop a healthy path for supporting each other and determine our most important topics, issues and wishes as a side-product (money flows to demand/need). Myself, mostly more a quiet reader of this forum, still misses that sometimes in this already very great community somehow.

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I start my contribution with this:

  1. Elm needs its user data to develop. I think you can boil it down to this sentence. Therefore, let us collect this data and make it way easier and efficient to reason about them ! I think it is also a responsibility of the community to communicate this properly. Maybe create a web platform for it ?

  2. I would approach this determinations in a very approachable way:

  • First, we need to collect ideas about what is important to us, which issues there are and what we wish, etc.
  • Second, find common sense about what of it makes sense
  • Third, think about what is possible to be done
  • Fourth, create a hub to the core team and share this data with them regularly.
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Beside those basic steps which resemble the process, it would be important to make this data as attractive, interesting and useful as possible also. Meaning, analyze and vote on topics, create charts and so on. I am sure there could be done a lot.

Personally, I’d just like to contribute back to the Elm community with whatever they need. I’ve already gotten a lot out of it and I’d like to show my appreciation.


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