CSS poll - production

What is your team using in production

  • elm ui
  • elm-css
  • sass
  • elm-css + tailwind
  • tailwind

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So I voted for elm-ui even though technically we don’t use it as we essentially have an internal version of it. I rarely if ever write css or such, it’s always Ui.text or Ui.column or such.


Yes we also have our own internal UI library also inspired to some extent by elm-ui.


I would advise changing your choice away from elm-ui then. Mainly because I think that’s what happens for almost every frontend codebase of sufficient size in any framework or language (you build your own internal component library and minimize direct, ad-hoc HTML/CSS creation). Internal components is also how I handle my own Elm and Typescript/JS codebases.

I think it is extremely valuable information how many production codebases are using any of these “out of the box” vs whether they are taking ideas from them but re-implementing them themselves.

Fair point, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I can change my vote. @kanishka sorry for the bad data. I think technically our styles are primarily written in sass, with a handful of style attributes as well.

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I am able to “remove vote” for my vote…

My reply was “sass” but the truth is “less”. :slight_smile: Want me to remove mine too?

I would keep it. If we do this again, we can come up with more fine grained options.

My original intention was to ask “what are you using to implement the components in your design system”, assuming that pages use the internal library/design system and the design system uses elm-css, sass, etc.

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May want to add an option for “Other”, since there may be other options that aren’t part of your poll. For example, Plain CSS.


Discourse won’t let me edit the poll.

No option for regular CSS? :sweat_smile: I feel very unfashionable!


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