Custom package installation from github

Hi All,

I’m having trouble installing custom packages from github. Need some help on how to do it correctly. All the answers on the internet for this elm package management are stale and needs to be corrected.

I’m trying to install GitHub - myrho/dive: Build Prezi-like Presentations in Elm package to playaround with the Presentation creation. Instruction provided in the readme page of this repo doesn’t work.

Also if i try the command

elm install myrho/dive

This fails because of the version mismatch errors. So I forked the repos GitHub - Santhosh-KS/dive: Build Prezi-like Presentations in Elm and just bumped the version on the elm-package.json file to 0.19.1. But now I get the error as follows

$ elm install Santhosh-KS/dive

-- UNKNOWN PACKAGE -------------------------------------------------------------

I cannot find a package named Santhosh-KS/dive.

I looked through for packages with similar names
and found these:


Maybe you want one of these instead?

Can someone guide me on, how to get the custom packages installed from github? (the correct way)

You need to not only fork the GitHub repo, but also elm publish it so it ends up on

Thank you @lydell for the response. Looks like publishing is not so straight forward! :slight_smile:

elm publish
-- UNPUBLISHABLE ---------------------------------------------------------------

I cannot publish applications, only packages!

Its an application not a package, so you don’t need to install it. Just clone and run locally.

elm reactor

Might be enough to run it?

But this looks like it is Elm 0.18 code, so you will need to do some work to upgrade it to 0.19. 0.19 uses an elm.json file instead of the elm-package.json file and other differences too.

Thank you @rupert for your response I will give it a try and get back with the solution or more quries :slight_smile:

Also - I prefered elm-dive-svg, so check that out too. I still use it for presentations - make drawings in Inkscape, add red numbered boxes, and you get a nice simple tool that you can navigate around a set of slides with.

Another trick is to break up text and render it as paths which you can do with Inscape. This makes text avoid sub-pixel rendering hints, and makes the animations a bit smoother when text is involved. Mostly you will be using quite big text when presenting with a projector, so not getting sub-pixel hinting isn’t so bad. Screen resolutions are getting crazy big these days, so these optimisations are starting to matter less anyway.

Hi @rupert Do you have an example presentation to follow? Would you mind sharing it if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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