Discovered a Compiler Message Issue...Now What?

Hello Everyone

So part of what has drawn me into learning Elm is the community and knowing its status as a evolving language but one that is doing so carefully and constructively - its fun to follow its progression.

Anyways, I came across compiler message error when working with Elm-Bootstrap and it was one that might throw some people off a bit and I consider myself kind of lucky to have caught it, so I was just curious what the mechanism for letting someone know about that. I am not a seasoned open-source contributor or anything so pardon my ignorance here.

Just curious what the process for something like that is.

For reference the error revolves around how the compiler interprets the types of elements in a list.

Seems like one of those things that might be worth pointing out and might save someone a few headaches down the road.

Thanks everyone

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First check whether the problem is already reported at Issues · elm/compiler · GitHub, and if it is not, then report it there.

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There’s a repo for collecting error messages that can be improved: GitHub - elm/error-message-catalog: A catalog of broken Elm programs / data to improve error messages

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Thank you both @bdukes and @mje

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