Welcome to the Elm Discourse!

:wave: Hey there, we’re glad to see you! This group exists to discuss anything Elm related, from beginner questions to compiler design. Welcome!

How to be constructive

  • Make it easy for people to reply to you. The harder it is for people to read, the harder it is for them to reply.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Long posts tire the reader.
  • Stay on topic! If you want to side-track on a certain topic, make a new thread. They’re free!
  • Avoid repeating what others have said.
  • Avoid posting +1s. Use the heart reaction (the :heart: button at the bottom of the post) instead, or add to the discussion with a post of your own.

Things which are okay to post :thumbsup:

  • announcements of things people are working on
  • beginners requesting help, though they should be directed to the Slack channel or reddit for further questions.
  • openly exploring ideas for API design, language features, without expecting others to take action as a result
  • discussing pain points using specific code examples and a goal of identifying the right way to proceed right now

Things which are not :thumbsdown:

  • lobbying for reprioritization of known issues that have been discussed elsewhere
  • discussing pain points through unconstructive venting
  • unconstructive criticism of others’ work
  • personal attacks