Does there exist a native Otel library for Elm?

Is anyone aware of a native open telemetry library for Elm?

I did a cursory search in the package index and also on discourse, but I can’t find anything relating to otel.

Presumably one could call into a native JS library via ports. But I was curious if something like this existed already. I’m not particularly fussy about the features at this point.

The OpenTelemetry library for Javascript is for backend Node.js based systems only, not for the frontend … or at least not yet because OpenTelemetry Javascript for browsers is still experimental … and at the end the idea is to use OpenTelemetry for microservices and heavy crazy architectures on the backend not much the frontend.

As you mentioned, you may setup the experimental OpenTelemetry Javascript for the browser and added a couple of ports to used with Elm and that will do the trick.

You may also made the OpenTelemetry HTTP API calls from withing Elm with native code.

Do you have an example of a frontend application using OpenTelemetry? … maybe you may share such an application sample code and we may together upgrade it to a native OpenTelemetry Elm native code extension.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t currently have an example in mind, this was more for my edification as I’m new to the language.

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