Dot in module name


I am confused. I have code like this:


module Banners.View exposing (view)
– …


– …
import Banners.View
– …
Banners.View.view …

This produces the following error at compile time:

I cannot find module ‘Banners.View’.

Module ‘ZKMain’ is trying to import it.

Potential problems could be:

  • Misspelled the module name
  • Need to add a source directory or new dependency to elm-package.json

However, if I remove the dot from the module name (i.e. name it BannersView), everything compiles fine.

Is there some trick in elm-package.json to make the name with a dot work correctly?


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In Elm, the module name needs to be the same as the file name, and the prefixes need to be the same as the path of the file within a source directory.

If you want your module to be named Banners.View, you’ll need to name the file View.elm and place it in a folder named Banners within a source directory:

   | - src
   |   | - Banners
   |   |   | - View.elm
   |   | 
   |   | - Main.elm
   | - elm-package.json


Thanks! I expected something of the kind, but couldn’t find any documentation.

So it won’t work even if I name the file Banners.View.elm?

I’ll just keep the name without the dot, then, because the file resides in directory called Pages which makes more sense to me :slight_smile: