Editor Plugins for 0.19

I had used atom for coding elm a while back for some proof of concept at work. The editor plugins were great for 0.18. Getting back into some elm recently but nothing seems to support 0.19 fully. language-elm needs elm-oracle for autocomplete, elm-jitsu is throwing an error that is an open issue. Can’t seem to get things to work properly in atom. Other editor plugins also depend on Elm-Oracle which is likely dead because of the dependence on native modules. What are some suggestions to get that some of that great tooling back for 0.19 that is strait forward like the 0.18 days? Seems like only intellij plugin has autocomplete that doesn’t depend on elm-oracle, is that right? What’s everyone doing for editor workflow in 0.19?


I use the intellij plugin and I recommend trying it out.


I also use the IntelliJ plugin which is really great. To my knowledge, it has the best Elm support at the moment.


In Atom: elm-oracle is abandoned for long. language-elm is not updated too, so I am maintaining a fork here: https://github.com/ymtszw/language-elm
Please try it out if you are interested.

Elmjutsu is working fine on my multiple environments (including Windows 10, macOS), and have multitude of powerful features as well as autocomplete.
I know there are reports of errors. I’m occasionally commenting on them too. More reports are definitely welcomed.

Personally I am looking forward to the progress of LSP project(https://github.com/elm-tooling/elm-language-server), and when it gets better, might try VSCode. Since Atom itself is somewhat losing tractions since rise of VSCode. If you have accompanying TypeScript codes, development experience will be especially good.

@dillonkearns has a page about atom https://incrementalelm.com/learn/editor-config

But yeah, currently the intelliJ plugin is really good, if you can cope with intelliJ


elm-vim ist also working okay: Inlined compile errors, syntax highlighting, jump to definition with ctags. There is also recent progress regarding language server and linting based on elm-analyse.

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thanks @MartinS, trying it now, seems great.

thanks @uweg, did you switch editors due the the elm language support or have you always used intellij?

thanks @andys8, I am partial to vim. Is the language server seems like a good idea. is there a guide on setting up vim for 0.19, the editor plugin setup guide seem to not have been updated in the official guide.

thanks @ymtszw, didn’t know about your fork, thanks for sharing and the work on the language-elm will give that a try. There are no plugins in atom that uses the language server at the moment right?

@razze thanks will give this setup a go. I take it you are not using intellij, what’s your setup and are you happy with it?

I’ve been using the Elm plugin in VSCode and it works well for me (shows compiler errors inline, integrates elm-format etc.). Autocomplete seems to be working fine as well, although I don’t know how it compares to plugins for other editors.

@tofusoul, I was using vs code with the elm plugin before but switched because of features like renaming or type inference even though I don’t really like IntelliJ as an editor.

can you link where you found that?

i’m mostly using vscode, as that’s what I feel at home with. Integration could be better, but that’s why I’m working on the language server. Also the vscode plugin doesn’t seem to be maintained, it seldomly get’s very small updates and that’s it. Despite people sending PRs.

I got everything I need with VsCode and Elm plugin

Im using VS code with Elm plugin as well but have run into some problems. It worked fine when starting a fresh project but now some months into the project (spare time project) I get no inline errors and elm-format doesent work either. Anyone had the same experience? Hints what to look for?

VsCode Windows or Linux ?
My experience is with very large amount of code, the compiler can be little bit more slower than new project and you need to wait until it finish before swapping to other file or maybe your path to elm is wrong and vscode doesnt find elm anymore.

MacOS, and I tried waiting but no red squiggly lines…

Intellij is the shizzle. Been using it for 5 years. Editors have been coming and going along the way.

try using the command palette (cmd+shift+p) to run ‘elm make’ and see if you get an error, you may have to configure vscode to know where elm make and format are.