Elm Game Jam Is Back

Hey folks! Folks from the gamedev channel on Elm Slack are organising another Elm game jam, in which you get to make a game about the certain topic. We’ve organised two game jams in the past about safety and randomness. This time we hope to get more participants.

I met many people who learned Elm through making games, myself included. So even if you’re new to Elm, please join the gamedev channel or wait for the final announcement!

In the next day, we will be choosing the topic from the long list of suggestions:

After we settle on the topic, I will publish the game jam page on itch.io and announce it here. There is no rush, the game jam will last for 2 months, and you can join at any time!


Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 23.00.32

Folks have decided on the topic of the next game jam, it is :fox_face: animals/nature! In the next few days we’re going to prepare and publish the game jam page on itch.io.

Stay tuned!


Elm Game Jam is now live. Looking forward to your games!


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