Elm competency matrix

Hello peeps,

We are trying to systematically getting all the engineers at carwow at an intermediate level of Elm.
I was thinking about building a competency matrix in order to measure where we are at now and measure learning progress.
Has anyone build something similar already? Do you have some sort of learning ladder?


Have you had a look at the Elm track of exercism.io? I find exercism a great way to comfortably get hands-on experience with a language. You usually need a basic level of understanding of syntax, etc, before getting started on a track. They have a “team” feature in the works.

This may not be an exact match, there’s not exactly a one-to-one mapping of exercises to skills/competencies, but things generally get more complicated as you go.

I have a lot of trouble with competency matrices. I, for instance, have paid a lot of attention to issues related to making elm components, and program composition. I have written I, however, still suck at all things CSS in elm, and some people in my team are good at it. None of us have proficiency in json, despite it being a widespread elm knowledge, because we generate decoders.

These kinds of things make it quite hard to create hierarchic skill matrices beyond the beginner level, at which knowledges are not necessarily tiered.

Maybe you could describe more at length what people need to work on your project ? Or is it the basics of FP and elm architecture that you want to teach ?

I guess you are right, I could probably work out a competency matrix for the type of stuff we do at work. E.g. we don’t do css in elm so that wouldn’t be part of it, and I’m more interested in the phase complete beginner to I’m confident I can build a full simple elm app with some API calls and some complex views with no problem.

I’m doing some elm training in my current company (outside of worktime, it’s done on personal initiative). We’re doing exercises with people, in order to teach them to build a simple app. In my experience, results are OK so far.

Would a training session with your people where they end up building their own simple elm app satisfy your needs, or do you also need to have assurance that a given proficiency in a number of skills has been reached ? Because in my experience, doing the training (and iterating on it from what you learn at each session) is much easier than building the matrix.

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