Elm Concurrent Task v1.1.0

Hello friends,

Since the initial release of elm-concurrent-task, there’s been a few small additions and fixes that I’ve put into v1.1.0.


  • Support for elm/bytes in ConcurrentTask.Http - you can now send and receive Bytes in http requests.
  • Added withMetadata helper that lets you decode http metadata in a successful http response.
  • Added ConcurrentTask.debug which lets you peek at the current value of a task.
  • Support for using import or require in the npm package (this makes it a lot easier to use concurrent-task without a bundler in NodeJS).


  • Fixed an edge case where switching back and forth between two pages in a single page application (each page with their own ConcurrentTask.Pool) would cause in flight tasks from a previous page init to be picked up by the current one.
  • ConcurrentTask.Time.getZoneName calls correct builtin function, thanks @lue-bird for spotting this.

Hope folks using this find these useful, and as always - very open to any feedback!


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