Elm-conf returns September 26 2018!

TL;DR: elm-conf is a single-day, one-track conference about Elm, happening September 26! The call for speakers opens today and runs through May 13.

We’ll be returning to St. Louis again this year and will be on the Strange Loop preconference day. This year we’ll be in the same space as ICFP, so you’ll get to rub elbows and chat with the wider functional programming community as well as your fellow Elm programmers.

The call for speakers is open. We want your talks! In addition to the feedback rounds you normally get, this year we’re reserving a couple of spots for first-time speakers. Full details on the speak at elm-conf page.

We’ve also got some fun stuff up our sleeves, which we’ll announce soon! :smiley:

This is also the first year that I’ve managed to make the whole conference site using Elm! (edit: this is on me, not the language :stuck_out_tongue:) It does some fun things: Markdown is converted to a JSON AST and parsed on the client side. The same markdown is embedded in the HTML responses. When you load a page, Elm renders the whole screen. And, when you navigate, it only requests the JSON body to re-render.

You can view the source for all this at https://github.com/elm-conf-us/2018.elm-conf.us


I really like how you folks described the subjects and format, I think it is a good distillation of things elm-conf talks can stand for. The information on speaker accommodation and travel is also very useful to plan things in advance. The first-time speakers and selection process makes me feel confident and motivated. Long story short, thank you, I can see a lot of caring in this CFP :slight_smile:


i dont know if this is the right place to discuss this, but I’d love to see a talk on how people structure large elm apps.


This is a perfect place to discuss this :+1:t2:


My talk preview is no longer updating.
If I submit, will it submit all fo my work, or only what’s in the preview?

Sounds like you may have found a bug in the CFP software. Can you save what you have and try pasting it in again? Regardless, the stuff in the text boxes gets submitted. The preview is only for your convenience.

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