Elm-doc-preview update: hot reloading & previews sharing



elm-doc-preview, a previously online only Elm 0.19 packages documentation previewer, can now be run locally with hot reloading support:

$ npm install -g elm-doc-preview
$ elm-doc-preview [path/to/package]


As a pretty nice side effect, you can also use it to view installed packages documentation offline, using the packages cache. For example:

$ elm-doc-preview ~/.elm/0.19.0/package/elm/html/1.0.0/
# or
$ elm-doc-preview ~/.elm/0.19.0/package/elm/http/2.0.0/

Moreover, as elm-doc-preview will report compilation errors during hot-reloading, it can be used all along the development of a package:

At last if you missed it, the online version since recently can load documentations previews from github to allow sharing them for reviews.

For example: https://elm-doc-preview.netlify.com/ModuleB?repo=dmy/elm-doc-example#TypeB

See https://elm-doc-preview.netlify.com/ for details.

Report bugs at https://github.com/dmy/elm-doc-preview/issues.

Update: version 1.0.4 fixes some CSS issues and a bug on Windows.


I hit the like button but it doesn’t feel like enough. This is wonderful, thanks. :grin:


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