Elm Europe is Streaming Live

You can watch all the talks here: https://youtu.be/PCmfuYymySE


Afternoon sessions are about to go live in a few minutes.

May I request for the availability of this sessions on youtube to watch it later?

They will be eventually available, quickly after the conference.

In the meantime, I believe the archive of the live stream will remain up.


Day 2 Livestream is available here: https://youtu.be/MlyGg-DIqnU

Thanks for streaming it :slight_smile: I hope everybody enjoy their time

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By a helpful user:

Day 1

0:21:00 - Keynote by Evan Czaplicki
1:31:00 - Making a LaTeX-to-HTML Parser in Elm by James Carlson
2:12:45 - Learning Elm in 3 days using the compiler - Switching from JS & React to Elm by Christopher Bretels
2:52:00 - ElmSEQ: A conflict-free replicated data type for Elm by Matthias Rella
3:32:00 - Let’s Publish Nice Packages by Brian Hicks
5:51:00 - Infecting the Visualization Design Process with the Elm Philosophy by Alexander Kachkaev
6:34:00 - Now you’re thinking in functions: transitioning a decade-old codebase from C++ and Scala to Elm by Ian Mackenzie
7:14:00 - Teaching is learning: become a better dev sharing your knowledge by Céline Martinet Sanchez
7:53:30 - Rendering text with WebGL by Andrey Kuzmin
8:32:00 - Live Coding a Mondrian Art Generator by Ju Liu

Day 2

00:25:00 - Keynote by Richard Feldman
01:36:00 - Evergreen Elm by Mario Rogic
02:17:00 - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Lessons from 100k LOC Elm in production at Featurespace by Mark Skipper and Decio Ferreira
02:59:00 - How to build a native looking date picker with elm, physics and css 3D by Thibaut Assus
03:37:00 - Getting your organization onboard with Elm by Emma Cunningham
05:55:00 - Working with Maybe by Joël Quenneville
06:36:00 - When and how to use Web Components with Elm by Luke Westby
07:17:00 - elm-browser - Smalltalk goodness for Elm by Martin Janiczek
07:56:20 - The Immutable Animator’s Toolkit by Matthew Griffith
08:36:00 - 3.9 million lines later - analyzing all open source elm code by Paul Sonnentag


Thanks for this work, although I fear it will soon be obsolete. :wink:

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