Elm Game Jam #5 — 3D

Hey folks, Elm Game Jam is back! This time we’re organizing it together with Ian Mackenzie and the topic is “Three-dimensional”.

There is no rating system and no restrictions besides the topic and the programming language. Our main goal is having fun while building cool projects and sharing them with the community!

3D in Elm has been rapidly progressing over the last couple years. Before we only had elm-explorations/webgl as a low level package. Now we can use a high level rendering engine ianmackenzie/elm-3d-scene. We can even design things in Blender and then load them into Elm with w0rm/elm-obj-file.

ianmackenzie/elm-geometry has become a shared vocabulary for different packages to integrate together, and a go to utility belt for different kinds of 3D computations (sometimes you might even find it useful to go from 3D to 2D and back). And with w0rm/elm-physics we can simulate physically realistic behaviours!

In order to participate, you don’t need to build something too fancy and be able to design complex 3D models in Blender. You can create nice looking things from available primitive shapes: block, sphere or cylinder. You can even make a game with logic in 2D and render it in 3D (and vice-versa).

If you have more questions about the game jam or want to brainstorm or validate your game idea, feel free to ask here, in the community forum or in the #gamedev channel on Elm Slack. Also don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly, I am “unsoundscapes” on Elm Slack and Twitter and Ian is “ianmackenzie” on Elm Slack and “ianemackenzie” on Twitter. I am on staycation for the next two weeks and will be glad to help!

Let the fun begin!

P.S. The game jam logo from above is rendered with Elm too. You can check it live here (source code).


Really looking forward to seeing what people come up with here! I’ll do my best to keep up with questions on Slack, and I’m hoping to make an entry myself =)


Just seeing this now — great idea! I talked with you guys about a 3d game idea months ago but never made any headway. Maybe I’ll get back to writing Elm :thinking:

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