Elm-graphql: extract Decoder from SelectionSet: how to omit the hashes?

I’m receiving the same types that I modeled in my graphql schema, through my websocket/push-messages channels.

I’d like to reuse my graphql schema to decode them.

However, this is what I’m facing:

    (4) Problem with the value at json.evaluationDelta:
                "latestMeasurement": {
                    "createdAt": 1610659370572,
                    "evaluationId": "1-5-mile-run",
                    "result": {
                        "measurementKind": "TimeSecs",
                        "val": 1712
                "deltaRatio": -0.001166861143523934
        Expecting an OBJECT with a field named `deltaRatio4220401968`

The field identifiers are being added in.

Is there a way to extract the Decoder, but also omit the field identifiers?

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