Elm-greenwood.com: Web & RSS feeds for Elm packages releases

You can now keep an eye on last Elm packages releases:


This could help discovering new packages and allows to be notified with RSS of your projects dependencies or specific authors releases (see the Help page for more information).

Click/tap a release card to get details.

The server is also my very first program in Rust, so be indulgent if you give a look at the source :sweat_smile:


I have added a search box to find releases of packages containing any string in their name or description by using the new “search query”.

This means that you can generate a feed for any topic, for example if you want a feed for last packages releases containing elm-ui in their name or description:


or the RSS version:


As the last releases are per elm version, this also means that the website can be used to find packages for all elm versions. This could be useful to folks still using an old version, or to find packages that could deserve to be ported to the last version.

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Great! What could be very usefull is a filter to be able to filter by Elm release.
For example only packages compatible with elm 0.19.

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The website does not work for me, even after the recent update. I’m getting a
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of undefined in the console.

I’m using a chrome browser, if that helps you.

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I just tested it with:

  • Firefox 68 (desktop & android)
  • Chrome 75 (desktop & android)
  • OSX Safari
  • IOS Safari
  • Edge
  • IE 11

and cannot reproduce this issue.

Do you use some chrome extensions?
Is package.elm-lang.org for example working fine with your browser?

I have just disabled google translate on the web site. Maybe it was this one that caused issues.

:see_no_evil: My dark mode extension had blocked it. Thanks

Aaaaanyway, it looks great :wink:

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Well, this virtual dom/extensions situation is really annoying.

I wonder though why this extension needs to mess with DOM nodes instead of just changing styles :thinking:

Edit: ah it creates style nodes, https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader/issues/623 (from an elm user)

The #packages channel in the Elm slack is now subscribed to the RSS feed to foster some discussion about new, past and future packages releases.

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