Elm Japan 2020 conference

A post for the crowd that missed the announcement in slack:

We are holding an Elm conference in Tokyo on April 4th.

Tickets are free and we are already distributing for travelers coming from overseas: https://elmjapan.org/tickets

We are accepting talk proposals until January 15th (still 2 days left!): https://elmjapan.org/call-for-presentations

We designed some t-shirt, get them to support the event! https://elmjapan.org/get-a-t-shirt

If you cannot make to this one but you would like to attend an Elm conference, no worries. There are other two conferences lined up already and more to come:

May 1st: https://elminthespring.org/
May 15th ~ 16th: https://osloelmdays.no/

It’s conference season!


@lucamug wow– these shirt designs are so cool! :100:


Agreed! Just ordered one. Super cool!!


Nice to hear that, thank you!

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