Elm Online Meetup: Call for speakers

Hi all! :wave:

The next Elm Online Meetup will be on Wednesday the 4th of August: https://meetdown.app/group/10561/Elm-Online-Meetup

This is a call for speakers, both for the upcoming meetup, and future meetups!

I would like to particularly encourage first-time speakers and newcomers to the Elm community! The Elm Online Meetup is a friendly and low risk place to practice public speaking.

Talks are generally aimed to be max 10-15 minutes long (as inevitably talks always run over), but they can also be any duration shorter. We usually have two per meetup before going into community open mic and an online open coding session.

The bar is very low as well, no formal presentation slides are necessary! You’re welcome to show-and-tell code or something you’ve built, and speak through it.

If you’re interested in doing a talk, or know someone who is (or should be!), please either comment here or DM me to let me know!

Thanks :blush:


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