Elm-package-info: a browser extension to add details to packages documentation

This is a Firefox and Chrome extension to display additional information for a package when browsing package.elm-lang.org.

Additional information includes:

  • author GitHub avatar
  • release date
  • license
  • install command with copy-to-clipboard on click
  • elm version supported
  • package dependencies

The aim of the extension is to easily experiment with some additions to package.elm-lang.org to see what works, what is useful and what isn’t without requiring official changes that could lead to a lot of discussions. My hope is that once we have reached a satisfying state, it could help making permanent changes to the official website without too much struggle.


Feeback and issues:



Just had a chance to try this out, works great! Linking to a description of the license is a nice touch. Might it also be possible make the avatar image a link to the author’s GitHub profile, and/or make the release date a link to the package’s release page on GitHub? (I don’t know how many people actually use the GitHub ‘Releases’ feature, but I’ve found it to be a pretty convenient place to add release notes.)

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The Firefox version has been approved, see the link in the first post, and it is compatible with Firefox for Android.

Good points @ianmackenzie . I have added those suggestions as github issues to not forget about them as I will wait a little to batch a few enhancements/fixes. Actually, I used the avatar link on greenwood, not sure why I didn’t think about it there :sweat_smile:

For the license, I wonder if I should not link directly to the LICENSE file of the package instead, the spdx.org version does not really add value :thinking:

Version 1.4 has been released with the following new features:

  • install instructions with copy-to-clipboard on click
  • avatar links to GitHub profile
  • release date links to GitHub releases page
  • elm version links to elm guide install page
  • the license now points to the package LICENSE file

Also all known bugs have been fixed, so please update.


This is incredible! Thanks mate.

I appreciate Elm so much and I hope Evan sees this as another reason to maybe open up the maintenance process to the community. Rust for example, has managed to grow in its popularity while adhering to its founding principles by allowing wider community contributions.


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