Elm Package Catalog

To help explore Elm packages and find the relevant ones easily, I made Elm Package Catalog which lists them by category. So far I’ve added ~260 packages.

Another thing I was interested in is making it easier to find gaps in the package ecosystem. If somebody is looking for a project, they can easily find something that’s not already been done (at least once the catalog is more complete).

An obvious thing would be to add some metrics, but I’m wary of reproducing the NPM rat race if I show GitHub stars and the like. Would love to hear ideas on what would be useful to show about packages.

Elm Package Catalog


A search function would be useful.

For example, I think that elm-list-extra is missing, but I can’t be sure.


Real world websites using the packages

thanks for your efforts, I can see this being useful.

note, the site renders poorly on mobile

Interesting idea but not sure how I could get the data, short of people reporting in. That, however, would be error-prone as dependencies change. I suppose I could get dependencies for stuff that’s on GitHub, and that would yield some examples.

Thanks, I figured that people don’t do development on mobile so I could get away with not tailoring the layout to mobile devices.

I can see how this would be useful from a package author’s point of view, but my main goal is to augment the search that’s already available on package.elm-lang.org.

You could also update the url so that you can go back and forth with browser.

If I am browsing a category and click on a package, I might want to get back to the same category when I click the back button.


Yep but people inspire themselves on mobile. You should look at the stats :slight_smile:


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