Elm Packages Sublime Text package :)

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve developed a package for Sublime Text (if anyone besides @evancz is using it :stuck_out_tongue:) to peruse https://package.elm-lang.org/ directly from the editor!

I would love to also make Elm Search - 0.19 available but this is not presently possible, because of how the website is currently structured. To implement this feature, it would require either of these scenarios:

  • Elm Search to offer a JSON file for the results so that it could be parsed (like Elm Packages does)
  • Elm-lang official website to implement Elm Search functionality to search modules and types and make it available via something like https://module.elm-lang.org/ (via JSON)
  • Elm official website to provide an additional JSON for Modules search.

The above could be avoided if only Sublime Text were to allow custom third party Python modules to be installed (to use modules to scrape it via js). However, I love this design choice and it is part of the reason I looked into electron/npm alternatives: to get away from an highly risky environment like npm as much as possible.

I hope someone likes it and that it can be useful :slight_smile:

Feedback appreciated! Cheers!


I’m using Sublime, but I can’t find your package! Nothing shows up when searching via Package Control: Install Package or via packagecontrol.io.

By the way I really like this alternative website for Elm packages (it’s actually a fork of the official one): https://elm.dmy.fr/ Would you consider make it available as an option? To be clear, it would only have an effect on the action of opening the package page in the browser, since the package list is the same.

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Hey , thanks for checking it out. The PR to make it available is still open, thus it won’t be available until then. I’ll look into that site too and possibly publish it there too.


So, I looked into the forked site. I don’t see any advantage over the official site and I prefer official resources when available. I’m sorry but I’m not going to add the extra code for that alone it at this time. I hope you understand.

Totally understandable! I would probably have the same stance if I were you.

Some of the advantages of the fork are (if I recall correctly): responsive/mobile-friendly, dark mode, clickable author name in the top header.

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There’s also a dark mode, the package search is stored in the URL so you can share package searches, you can select a users name and see just their packages, you can click code to see the source in GitHub, and the search within a package is a little more robust. I think I’m missing 1 or 2 features as well.

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Thanks for your feedback too. I’m going to look into that site some more and browse more thoroughly to reconsider. I may add the option after 1.0.0 is released and available. I’d appreciate if you guys opened an issue on GitHub :slight_smile: — not strictly necessary, just fancier :stuck_out_tongue:

I still don’t see the advantages, but it won’t hurt to make you both happy :slight_smile:

Release 1.0.1 · gacallea/elm-query · GitHub@sylbru @wolfadex

ps: nothing too fancy, and it doesn’t check/sanitize the settings you put in!

Nice, thanks! Looking forward for your plugin to be available!

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