Easy UX suggestions for package.elm-lang.org

I’ve got a couple of suggestions which I suspect could probably be implemented with just a few lines of code each. I could do it myself if I just got the goahead :slightly_smiling_face:

The exports list of the module you’re currently viewing should always be expanded, not just when you’ve entered a search string.
Currently it’s not so easy to get an overview of all the exports of a module. Being able to quickly see a list of exports would really help when looking for something, as the name is often enough to find what you need, and having to scroll through the whole page is not so fun.

When searching in a package, it should match on both names and type definitions
It’d be really nice to be able to just type Bool or String etc.
I’ve actually resorted to using the Ctr+F page search for this, which is less than ideal as it only finds stuff on the current page, not the whole package.

The part of the page I’m talking about


There is a tool which searches by type annotations too. https://klaftertief.github.io/elm-search/

For me would be cool if the menu (at top) and exports list (at right side) would have a css property position: fixed :hearts:

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elm-search also has a hidden feature to list all exposed values of modules or packages.



Your tool is very good, but having to jump between two websites is not fun either.
I guess another option would be to turn your website into a fully featured replacement, but it’s probably better to improve the official site instead.

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