Elm pages broken on FF Android

The new Firefox on Android seems to have issues with buttons and them loading the page behind, with Elm build webpages.

I observed this both here and here.


See in Lamdera as an example, Get started, Pricing and About. Non of them works as intended and also see Elm Pages, as it fails almost all buttons as well.

Seems like the new version of FF - they launched a redesigned engine about 6 - 12 months ago - is incompatible with how Elm does stuff.

Is Elm even maintained in a way, that allows fixing these things?


Hi, Iā€™m on firefox android (v 104.1.0) and it seems to behave normally. It would be helpful for @supermario if you detail your issue in the slack/discord lamdera channels.


Same here, using FF 104.1.0, the pages you linked works just fine. Are you using stock FF? (i.e. no add-ons)

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