Elm-Phoenix-WebSocket Package

Hi All,

I’ve been using Elm with Elixir/Phoenix for some time now, and have gradually crafted a package to make it nice and easy to use WebSockets. I’ve just published it this evening.

You can find it here.

There is an Elm/Phoenix Chat Room example here.

If you’re already using Phoenix you can run the example by cloning the repo and then:

cd elm-phoenix-websocket/example/chat_room
mix deps.get
mix phx.server

There’s no DB involved so nothing to set up there.

Any problems check here.

If you don’t use Elixir/Phoenix but would like to take a peek, installation and setup instructions are here.

I hope it’s useful to some, feedback welcome.

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For a quick look at how to use the package this is the example Elm file.

Just a quick thanks for creating this package. With all the excitement about LiveView in the Phoenix community, it’s such great timing to make it easier to get Elm and Phoenix working together (again) as an alternative for more ambitious frontend projects.

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Yeah I’ve looked at LiveView, it doesn’t really interest me much. It works well and has it’s benefits, but still means you’re stuck with plain old HTML, CSS and .eex templating.

I much prefer Elm SPA’s for the front end with all the goodness that Elm provides.

Thanks for the thanks :smile: if you have any problems let me know or raise an issue.

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