Elm plugin for IntelliJ Platform IDEs

I’ve taken over stewardship over the Elm plugin from Keith (as announced in a previous post on this forum – had to remove the link as I’m a “new user”).

The plugin is updated to use with the latest 4 versions of JetBrains IDEs (2023.2-2024.1) and has a new entry in the Marketplace (recently admitted, so installable from within the IDE):

If you are running the old version you can uninstall that and install this.

So far I’ve managed to upgrade the dependencies and fix some bugs, the next step is the get the massive test suite (1000+ tests) back in the green (currently only ~100 tests pass). Once the test are back up and running there is a large number of PRs queued up to be merged (see: 5.0.1 Milestone · GitHub).

Also we have have a dedicated channel in the Elm Slack (elmlang.slack.com) named: #intellij-plugin

Hope to see you there!


Link to the previous post (that I had to remove because new user ca only post 2 links per post):

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