New release of the Elm IntelliJ Plugin

A few day ago I posted on /r/elm asking about the state of the Elm IntelliJ plugin. Since I’ve been in contact with the old maintainer which resulted in transferring the repo to a GitHub organization of it’s own.

It was quite some work to get all working, but I feel confident that the master branch is in a good enough shape to be used by others. There is still a lot to do:

  • Reviewing/merging PRs (there are quite a few)
  • Creating PRs from work on people’s personal forks
  • Upgrading dependencies (quite a hell)

At this point the plugin is not yet reviewed/accepted in the Marketplace. When it is, it will be on a new entry to reflect the new organization and contributors.

You can certainly give it a spin. Download it here (on GitHub):

And follow the manual install instruction in the README.

Once the plugin is accepted in the JetBrains Marketplace you can find it here:

Once a few releases are published which have proven to work well, the old plugin entry will be deprecated with a reference to the new one.

Help is greatly appreciated! I promise to be responsive when it comes to reviewing PRs. :slight_smile:


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