Elm-sh-completion: Bash/Zsh shell completion script for Elm binary and tools

I have made a new completion script for bash and zsh shells as eeue56/elm-bash-completion ones have not been upgraded for 0.19.

For now, supported tools are:

  • elm
  • elm-json
  • elm-test

Commands, flags and packages should be auto-completed. Packages are auto-completed from the local cache for efficiency, so this does not work for new packages. For elm-json install, add the @ at the end of a package to complete the version if needed.

I tried to keep the syntax simple enough by using helper functions, so PR are welcome if you want to add support for another tool.

Also, I have not yet tested them too much, so please report issues.


Following a suggestion from @sebbes on slack, I have added packages completion from partial matches, so you can complete a package from its name without the author or even part of it, as long as the match is unique. If there are several matches, the common prefix between all matches will be completed.


$ elm ins[TAB]
$ elm install regex[TAB]
$ elm install elm/regex

Or if you have a single package with ui in its name in your cache:

$ elm install ui[TAB]
$ elm install mdgriffith/elm-ui

This works for all elm, elm-json and elm-test commands using packages.


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