Making Elm package installation much nicer

Installing Elm packages has always been a small pain point for me. I have to remember the author’s name, I have to remember how to spell the author’s name, and I can only install one thing at a time. Not to mention most packages have an elm- in their name, which is redundant in the context of installing an Elm package. I decided to make a tool that fixes all these problems. It’s not polished yet but it does what it needs to do, so I figured I’d share it.



Thank you for sharing.

An alternative if you use the bash shell is to combine:

  1. elm-json to install several packages at once.
  2. dmy/elm-sh-completion to autocomplete the package names from any part of them (including regular expressions).

For example:

$ elm-json in[TAB]
$ elm-json install metadata[TAB]
$ elm-json install elm/project-metadata-utils /elm-ui$[TAB]
$ elm-json install elm/project-metadata-utils mdgriffith/elm-ui

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